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Skilled Counsel In The Divorce Process

All marriages end, either through death or divorce. If you are facing the latter scenario, take heart: there is new life awaiting you on the other side.

For now, however, you probably have many legal issues that you need to navigate. At Scott Wright, Attorney, LLC, we stand ready to help you face these issues effectively as you move toward a more hopeful future. Give us a call at 614-678-5047 to discuss your specific circumstances in a no-cost initial consultation.

Is There A Difference Between Dissolution And Divorce?

There are two primary ways to bring your marriage to an end in Ohio. If you and your spouse are in complete agreement on every issue regarding the termination of your marriage in Ohio, you may elect to file a dissolution. This is usually the fastest, and most affordable option for many couples and our lawyers are experienced with drafting agreements which capture the intentions of the couple involved without causing unnecessary legal expenses.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to come to agreement on the issues within your marriage. A divorce provides the framework to protect your interests and to resolve the issues between you and your spouse, while providing for the division of assets and debts and resolving issues related to the children and support. Lead attorney Scott Wright, of Scott Wright, Attorney, LLC, will stand up for your interests, and protect those issues which are important to you.

What Are The Specific Issues In Your Divorce?

Working out an effective resolution of your issue depends greatly on taking account of your specific circumstances. For example, if children are involved, creating a fair and equitable custody plan is vitally important. There may also be issues with child support.

Spousal support is another potential issue. Many factors can affect whether and how much support is awarded. We can protect your rights and assert your position skillfully as these decisions are made.

It is also important to be aware that sometimes changed circumstances may make the terms of a divorce decree unworkable. We will stand ready to protect your position if that occurs.

Dedicated Counsel Throughout The Process

Contact us to speak with an experienced lawyer in our office about any of the above areas. We offer a free initial consultation and accept all major credit cards. We offer convenient hours in our Newark Office by appointment, and we are now located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and still have access to all central Ohio courts.