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Skilled Defense Against Impaired Driving Cases In Central Ohio

An OVI/DUI arrest can be embarrassing, but a conviction can have a long-lasting negative impact in terms of higher insurance premiums, a permanent criminal record and the suspension of your driver’s license.

Minimizing the overall damage of an OVI/DUI charge is our goal at Scott Wright, Attorney, LLC in Columbus. We combine experience and skill in order to get the best results possible in DUI defense. Our experience includes dealing with blood, breath, and urine test evidence for drug or alcohol intoxication as well as minimizing charges brought through the use of sobriety checkpoints.

Give us a call today to discuss your situation in a no-cost consultation. Our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We serve clients throughout central Ohio.

What Are The Possible Consequences Of OVI Or DUI?

  • The Administrative license suspension (ALS) takes effect immediately but can be appealed at the arraignment. It is an automatic 90-day suspension, which may include work privileges. If you did not take the Breathalyzer test, there is a 15- or 30-day suspension without work privileges.
  • In addition to heavy fines, first-time offenders must enroll in a three-day Alcohol Intervention Program or choose the other option of serving three days in jail.
  • If your OVI results in a conviction, your driver’s license will be suspended for 180 days, and double that if your blood alcohol content (BAC) was above .17. Fines and the amount of jail time you receive are also double with a BAC above .17.
  • Your vehicle may be immobilized, impounded and/or forfeited in the event of multiple offenses.
  • If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), the license suspension period is longer; the legal blood alcohol level is lower and there are severe penalties if you refuse to take the Breathalyzer test.
  • OVI cases can have related charges ranging from the benign (speeding, reckless operation) to the catastrophic (manslaughter). Our criminal defense experience allows us to skillfully meet these related legal challenges head-on.

What About Juvenile Or Underage Violations?

Juveniles and college students under age 21 often plead out OVI charges thinking that there is no other option. Know that an OVI and underage consumption charge can negatively impact future educational opportunities, employment and any loan opportunities you might seek. There are ways to keep the violation off your record and minimize its impact on your future and professional career. Don’t let that mistaken assumption cause you difficulties later in life.

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